We’re honored to have been recognized multiple times for our services, and we’re excited to announce a new award recognizing inspiring women in our community.

Jean Ledwith King Award

The Jean Ledwith King Award is presented annually to a local advocate for equal rights for women in the workforce, sports, health care, politics, and education.

2021 Honoree: Senator Stephanie Chang

2020 (20th Anniversary) Honorees:  Andrea Kotch Duda, Gloria Edwards, and Angela Costley Harris

2019 Honoree: Libby Pollard Hines

2018 Honorees: Jean Ledwith King and Carol Hollenshead



ATHENA Organizational Leadership Award, May 2018

ATHENA Organizational Leadership Award is presented to an organization based on the following criteria:

Has demonstrated the highest level of professional excellence in execution of their mission.

Gives back to the larger community of women and girls by contributing time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community.

Actively assist others, particularly women, in realizing their full potential.

Leadership Award, May 2016

From Washtenaw Community College Foundation Women’s Council to Executive/Clinical Director Marnie Leavitt (co-honorees, Lakshmi Narayanan and Amy Seetoo).

Outstanding Field Agency, May 2010

From Michigan State University School of Social Work in recognition of valued leadership in Social Work Field Education.

The Martin Luther King, Jr, I Have a Dream, Dec 2005

From the Washtenaw County Bar Association presented for “those persons or organizations that have fostered greater awareness and sensitivity to racial, ethnic and gender bias issues in the community and have made contributions to the goal of eliminating such biases.”

Excellence in Management, May 2003

From Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW), Washtenaw County United Way, and the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation for effective management strategies and accomplishments for new organizations.

Internet Technology Innovation Award, 2003

From Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW) and SBC for our Many Happy Returns tax refund assistance program for “innovative use of technology to advance the mission of modeling of effective technology practices for the non-profit sector.”

Waste Knot Award, 2002, 2003, 2004

Recertified waste reduction partner. For dedication to waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and buying recycled products from Washtenaw County.

Welfare to Work Excellence Award, 2001

In recognition of excellence and support, from the Ann Arbor Housing Commission’s Welfare to Work Program.