Our team

Board of Trustees

Mary Stewart, Chair

Beverly Schmoll, Vice-chair

Tiffani Commander, Treasurer

Sharonda Simmons, Secretary

Whitney Williams, Trustee

Gloria Edwards, Trustee

Valerie Canter, Trustee

Millie Chu, Trustee

Marnie Leavitt, Executive Director



Clinical Advisors

Katie Kidle, LMSW, Clinical Director (staff)

Paula Johnson Michalak, MA, LPC, Program Director (staff)

Marnie Leavitt, LMSW, Executive Director (staff)

Avery McLeod, LLMSW, Jumpstart Single-Session Therapy

Danielle TenCate, LMSW

Diane Blumson, LMSW, ACSW, LMFT

Barbara Eagle, LMSW, LMFT

Gloria Edwards, LMSW, PhD

Vanessa Marry, LMSW

Maissa Osman, MA, LPC

Dale Simmerman, LMSW, ACSW

Lisa Olshefsky, PhD

Operations Staff

Jennifer McCue, MBA, Director of Business Operations

Alice Liao, MSW,  Marketing Director

Jyoti Gupta, Development Director

Connie Mahowald, Billing Manager

Pam Thompson, Billing Specialist

Marley Gluf, Triage Specialist

Krisna Kerai, Accounts Receivable

Mary Morin, Front Desk Receptionist



Legacy Fund

Mickey Katz-Pek, Co-Chair

Beverly Schmoll, Co-Chair