Seasons’ Changes: Life Transition Series

A four-week expressive arts group for professional women

The canvas of our life changes like the seasons. In this group you’ll be asking, “Who am I now?” and “What do I want for the future?”

Local Art Therapist, Sibel Özer, offers participants the opportunity to focus on personal awareness of what has heart, soul, and meaning for you. Over four consecutive sessions, she will help you get in touch with your heart’s path. Using color, texture, and images, you will explore your dreams for the future.

No art experience necessary! It’s not about performing. It’s not about right or wrong. It’s about taking time to feel and to reflect in a safe, compassionate space.

Week 1: Exploration of the context of your life.

Week 2:  Examination of your internal landscape.

Week 3: Looking at where and how your current “inside” meets a particular context on the outside. If you’re in a good place, you can tolerate it when things go wrong. If you’re under-resourced, even the smallest thing can undermine you!

Week 4: Take the time to dream! What is it that you want more/less of in your life right now? Make sure that you take the time to connect with your heart’s desires.

Even though we’ll be meeting as a group, each woman will be working on herself. Rather then sharing what you already know you will be asked to listen in to what is current — and maybe unfamiliar — as a way to discover what is most needed right now.

When: Mondays: 6:30-8:00 p.m. four times a year
Where: The Women’s Center conference room
Fees: $160*, which includes 4 group sessions & materials
To register: Phone Sibel Özer, cell 303.905.1109 or email Sibel at


*$64 of cost is a tax-deductible nonprofit donation to The Women’s Center


The putting of actual boundaries over the red, which was my grief — encapsulating it — somehow helped [me] regain control over my feelings in the everyday.
The process worked in a way that talking or thinking had not — perhaps could not — and revealed a road to reconciliation that holds a promise.