11 + 12 = what?

Eleven experienced supervisors plus 12 interns = high-quality, personalized therapy.

8 out of 10 of our spring/summer 2015 social work and counseling interns

8 out of 10 of our spring/summer 2015 social work and counseling interns

Women’s Center therapy interns come from 8 different master’s and doctoral programs. This semester [spring/summer 2015] we have students from the clinical counseling program at Eastern Michigan University, and social workers from Michigan State, Wayne State, University of Michigan, and Simmons College in Boston. (Two are missing from the accompanying photo of the spring/summer 2015 cohort.)

Half of our current group will be finishing up with clients in mid-December. In January another 4-5 graduate students begin with new clients.

Over the past 15 years, 188 Women’s Center interns have worked with hundreds of women (and some men) who would otherwise be unable to afford the counseling, problem-solving, and support that they need.

Intern-therapists receive regular and confidential mentoring from one or more members of our supervisory team. Of the 11 supervisors, 9 are volunteers. Supervisors donate an average of 4.5 hours per intern per week.

Supervisors have the satisfaction of contributing to a cause they believe in: access to mental health services for anyone who needs it. Clients benefit from personalized attention and a dual perspective on their case. And interns and clients have the opportunity to develop a safe and understanding relationship that promotes change.

As one about-to-be-divorced mom says:

I’ve had very good previous experiences in counseling also, but this experience, in this focused environment, that is an environment for women in transition, is helping me truly move in a new, healthy way. And, in making the transition from 20 years of marriage to separation and divorce, that I do have the tools and capacity to parent my daughters through it.