Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living for people who identify as having a physical or mental disability. They will help with social security applications for Washtenaw and Livingston  counties. 734.971.0277. Milan clients might be better served by the office in Monroe, 734.682.5271.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services  helps disabled individuals prepare for and find work 1.800.288.5923

Brain Injury Association of Michigan 1.800.554.5543

Community Alliance, housing, companion, and financial management support for people whose disability merits accommodations 734.482.3300

Michigan Disability Rights Coalition for people with disabilities 1.800.760.4600 or 517.333.2477

Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services for people with disabilities 517.487.1755 or 1.800.288.5923

Office of Community Development Accessibility Ramp Program Free construction and installation of exterior aluminum access ramps for lower-income people with disabilities. Washtenaw County residents only. 734.622.9036 or 734.622.9013

Partners in Personal Assistance provides in-home and community-based assistants to maintain independence for people with disabilities. 734.214.3890

Legal Services of Southcentral Michigan will help individuals who have applied for and been denied social security benefits based on disability. 734.214.3890

Washtenaw Association for Community Advocacy, advocates for disability rights and benefits, but no longer helps with Social Security Income applications. Please contact AACIL (see above) or the local social security office for help in completing the applications. 734.662.1256