Working together to begin, strengthen, or end a relationship

One plus one equals two. Every relationship starts with one. And every individual has a personal history and expectations about what a relationship means.

Our focus is on you as an individual within the context of your relationship. We help you decide who you want to be in relationship to another [alternatively, an “other” — a distinctively different person than yourself]. Located on the west side of Ann Arbor, our nonprofit agency offers couples counseling at below-average fees of $75 per session. You control the content; we facilitate the process.

Begin a relationship

Formerly called “marriage preparation,” we recognize that not all couples can – or wish – to marry. But many of us will consider ourselves in a committed relationship.  What kind of relationship are you and your partner hoping to create?

Potential areas for exploration include:

  • Money attitudes and priorities
  • Intimacy, privacy, living together
  • Children (if/when) and parenting styles
  • Family traditions and expectations
  • Communication and conflict resolution
  • Spirituality, faith traditions
  • Education and careers
  • Household responsibilities and gender roles

Strengthen/repair a relationship

Do you have a good relationship that you want to make better? Have you been having the same arguments over and over again? Is your partner insisting on professional help “or else–?” Are you or your partner questioning your commitment?

Couples counseling can help you:

  • determine the quality of your relationship
  • clarify hopes and expectations
  • develop communication skills
  • handle conflict productively
  • explore trust and fidelity issues
  • identify differences ion capacity/need for intimacy
  • address the relationship impact of stressors such as:
    • job loss
    • childbearing
    • physical or mental illness
    • substance abuse
    • midlife dissatisfaction
    • re-location
    • caregiving of disabled family members
    • uncertain finances
    • the presence/absence of children, and
    • blended families.

End a relationship

Not every relationship will last. Despite your best efforts, you and your partner may grow in different directions. Your partner may make decisions that affect you, over which you have no control. You may feel blind-sided, betrayed. You may, for your own reasons, want out.

The end of a relationship does not necessarily mean that it has to end badly. For the sake of family members and each other, you may want help in facilitating a “good goodbye.”

How do we get started?

Call 734.973.6779 Mon-Fri, 9-5 p.m. The person who answers the phone will connect you with a counselor who will complete a 15 to 20-minute interview. The counselor will ask contact information; some basic questions about demographics (for funding purposes); and what you would like to work on as a couple. Within 1-2 weeks, another therapist will call to schedule an appointment. We offer flexible appointment scheduling with the counselor on evenings and weekends.

What else should we know?

Few health insurance plans cover couples therapy, because it is not considered a “medically-necessary” service. We want couples counseling to be more widely available, so we offer our services (typically $110-$125 per hour) at a reduced rate of $75 a session.

Kiwanis Club of Ann ArborWe thank the Kiwanis Club Foundation of Ann Arbor for its support of our couples counseling program