Going Solo support group

Are you feeling alone at a time when you most need love and understanding? Wishing that someone knew exactly what you are going through? Our Going Solo support group is an ongoing support group for women experiencing the end of a long-term relationship – whether legally divorcing or not. You may be actively engaged in that process or experiencing lingering challenges.


Going Solo is an weekly therapist-facilitated group in which you can feel safe to laugh, cry, and share.

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What will we talk about?

The group is topical from week-to-week, focusing on moving forward. We welcome you to drop in — everyone is new at some time, so we understand what it feels like to show up for the first time.

We will give everyone time to share stories and individual concerns — and what can also be an exhilarating opportunity to begin anew.

Some likely discussions are:

  • Accepting the death of a dream
  • Naming our strengths
  • Self-nurturing and re-discovery
  • Developing rites of passage
  • Forgiving ourselves and our former partner
  • Looking ahead — older and wiser
  • Having a good good-bye
  • Dreaming of the future

Participants gain strength and encouragement from hearing one another’s stories. Though your experience is unique, there are common themes in the ending of a relationship. Women often experience a sense of isolation: participating in a group provides connection as well as the opportunity for growth and healing.

Dates & times

We meet on Thursday evenings from 6-8 PM. During the Time of COVID, we are using an online format.


Call us at 734.973.6779. If you are intimidated by the phone, you can also contact us through email at info@womenscentersemi.org. We will call to tell you more about how the group works, and sign you up for our mailing list. You can use the ZOOM link when the time is right for you.


Services are free as we navigate the worldwide virus. Donations are appreciated.


Our group facilitator is Paula Johnson Michalak, MA, LLPC. Paula has years of experience in facilitating divorce groups for both women and men. She understands divorce from both a professional and personal perspective. After her own 25-year marriage ended in divorce, Paula found “much-needed healing and strength from participating (twice!) in a Divorce Recovery Program.” She has a B.A. in Communication and a Masters in Community Counseling from Eastern Michigan University.