We move in and out of relationships. Some relationships are definitely worth keeping.  Others are not.  A relationship may feel like the real deal, until, suddenly, it doesn’t. A connection that you thought was mutual can end abruptly, without a good goodbye. Or it can drag on well past its expiration date.

If a relationship isn’t working — whether  a family member, partner, or friend — our services might help:

Personal Counseling Divorce Q & A Going Solo Support Group

Financial & Family Law Education Legal Resources

  • Personal counseling — the opportunity to discuss relationships of all kinds, including not-so-happy endings.
  • Divorce questions and answers — information about divorce costs and alternatives, including mediation and do-it-yourself divorce.
  • Going Solo support group — a women-only group that offers a friendly and supportive atmosphere and the tools to deal with separation or divorce.
  • Financial & family law education — a four-part presentation on the legal and financial aspects of ending long-term relationships.
  • Legal Resources — a listing of general and divorce-specific legal support available in the area