Mutual growth in a safe environment

As a counseling agency, we are committed to client confidentiality. We share only with permission. In some cases, client names have been changed. But rest assured, these are real people with real stories – stories perhaps similar to your own.

  • Amy is a job coaching and counseling clienttwo women sitting on coaches in a bright room, having a heartfelt conversation, woman's hands out facing up
  • Andrea is a counseling client, volunteer, and intern-therapist
  • Carla is a former Going Solo and Financial & Family Law education client
  • Jackie is a former counseling client of Samantha’s, a former intern-therapist and current volunteer
  • Jan is a counseling client
  • Kavitha is an intern-therapist
  • Ling is a MomShare participant
  • Millie is a former counseling client and an outspoken advocate for The Women’s Center
  • Rose is an intern-therapist
  • Saadet is a volunteer
  • Shil is an intern-therapist
  • Susan is a counseling and job coaching client