The Women’s Center is  available to help community members through this stressful time. See options here.

If you are struggling, we can help. Let’s figure this out together.

Not everyone has somebody to turn to when things get tough.

Our Ann Arbor-based women’s resource center specializes in women-friendly services. We can help with:

We offer services on a sliding-fee basis. We want to make sure that income is not a barrier!

When it comes to counseling, you have a choice of whether or not to use health insurance.

Are you looking for an extra layer of confidentiality? Have an impossibly high deductible? Can’t afford your co-pay? Unable to find anyone who accepts straight Medicaid?  We can work with you!

If you choose to use your health insurance, Room to Talk, a practice located at The Women’s Center, is an accessible option.

We are committed to providing high-quality supportive services at affordable fees.  Our staff and volunteers make our environment safe, encouraging and beautiful.

Helping women change their lives

Hear from Ann Arbor resident Susan interviewed in 2013. After a major life crisis, Susan benefited from 33 hours of personal counseling, 12 hours of group instruction on finances and family law, and 7 hours of individualized job coaching at The Women’s Center.

Real women with real stories.

“I was afraid to leave the house! I thought that I was protecting my baby from all the germs in the outside world.” Ling is a first-time mom who faced a tough transition after her baby girl was born. Through our MomShare program, Ling found her very own “village” and women who support each other. Read Ling’s story…

“December 2014 my husband left our family; January 2015 I lost my job; March 2015 foreclosure process began on our home and April 2015, our youngest was facing legal issues.  Did I mention I was at a point where I couldn’t get/afford health insurance? The Women’s Center helped me sort through all of these issues and prioritize what was most important to work on first.” Read Jan’s story…


Hear more stories from women like you

Our services help women change their lives.

The Women’s Center is a major human service provider in the Washtenaw County area. Each year, we provide direct services to over 500 women (and some men and gender fluid individuals) which represent about 7,500 appointments.  Additionally, we assist an estimated 1,032 people who call for help in accessing community resources.

These services are possible thanks to a loyal staff, an active Board of Directors, generous support from the community, and over 100 volunteers.

Our Guiding Principless


We believe that everyone wants the opportunity to shape their our own life stories. We offer opportunities for women to explore, challenge, and make decisions about their futures in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


We encourage intelligent, courageous, resilient, creative, and resourceful women to discover and amplify their inherent strengths.


We bring together women and resources to construct a continuum of support. Relationships nurture our desire to belong and promote an ongoing sense of integrity and well‐being.


We work with women to distinguish individual problems from systemic problems, and to carry out individual and social change. Each of us actively seeks skills and resources that enable us to adapt to a complex and changing world.

Our Vision

Mission Statement

The Women’s Center promotes self-determination for women and families by providing professional services that build confidence, strengthen connections, and create positive change.

Our Vision

Women will triumph over social and economic inequality to reach our full potential.
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